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Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the best building materials that you will find for the home. Granite countertops are among the most popular types of countertops worldwide. Whether you are looking for kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, backsplashes, vanities or anything else, this natural stone is an excellent choice.

Marble Countertops

Marble is truly one of the most elegant natural stone materials that you can have in your home. Whether you have a marble kitchen countertop, bathroom countertop, backsplash or any other structure, marble will bring a touch of elegance to your space. Natural stone is always a favorite of many homeowners, but marble in specific has long been recognized as one of the best stones in the world.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the top choices for countertops, backsplashes, vanities and other home structures. Although it is not natural stone, this engineered stone makes for a great surface. Because it is manufactured, quartz surfaces are non-porous, stain resistant and water resistant.

About us

At Gomez Construction we strive to deliver high quality, cost-effective Kitchen and bath renovation projects on schedule by employing and supporting motivated, flexible and fosus teams. We value the importance of our relationship and will continue to remain fair and true in our dealings with all employees, clients, vendors and partners. Our clients count on our dependability, our drive, and our integrity. We take great pride in our accomplishements and build on them every day.

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Thinking in remodeling your kitchen, bath or just have questions on how to start your countertops project?  We will love to hear from you. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you and guide you in the process.

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